I am an autodidact artist, born 1954 and raised in Skälderviken.
It is also here, near the sea, beach and forest that I am inspired
and find my motives.

I started painting in the late 1970s, and I work actively today
with my art.
The technique I use for the paintings is both brush and sponge.

My oil paintings radiate calm and harmony.

Helsingborg Art Association www.helsingborgskonstforening.se
Konstgillet Mittskåne www.konstrundan.com
BUS (Image Art Copyright in Sweden) www.bus.se
Open minds www.oppnasinnen.se
Konst2 www.konst2.se

Jury-rated exhibitions:
Romelegårdens Sommarsalong 2010
Romelegårdens Salong 2011
Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Jury-rated group exhibition 2014
Art Expo New York. Jury-rated group exhibition 2015
Konstgillet Mittskåne. Autumn salon 2016.
Konstgillet Mittskåne. Autumn salon 2017.

Solo exhibitions:
Gallery Björkvik in Ängelholm 2008
Sparbanken Gripen Art Hall in Ängelholm 2009
Gallery Björkvik in Ängelholm 2010
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2011
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2013
Ztrands Design Arts & Crafts 2013
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2014
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2015
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2016
Konstrundan MIttSkåne 14-17 April, 2017.
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2017
Havsbaden Ängelholm 2018
Colorida Art Gallery Lissabon 2018

Group exhibitions:
Romelegård Autumn Salon 2009
Art in the city of Helsingborg Art Association 2011
Art in the city of Helsingborg Art Society 2012
Gallery Cinnamoni Helsingborg 2013
Art-nordic Copenhagen 2014
Texas, February 21 - March 7, 2015
The Mural for the Peace. Art DUBAI Art week
Alliance Francaise of DUBAI 16-20 March 2015
Old Town Hall in Ängelholm 19-30 May 2015
"Sports is no art at Idrottens Hus" in Helsingborg.
February 20 - March 19, 2016
Spring 2016 in Romele Konsthall on March 25 - April 3
Luftkastellet 2016 Malmö / Limhamn 3-5 June
Anniversary Exhibition Konsthallen Fogdaröd 14-17 April 2017
ArtNordic 2017 Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen 28-30 April
Maria Thorlund - Ateljé & Galleri, Lund 2017
Gallery12A in Höganäs 2018
ArtNordic 2018 Lokomotivv